There are 5 steps to naturalization in the U.S. Becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen is a dream of many immigrants. Those who are in the United States on a visa or through other legal status are able to take steps to naturalization. The process requires you to follow the specific instructions according to the USCIS. Upon successful completion of the application and interview procedures, you will become a naturalized citizen. The process can be rather lengthy. Once an application is submitted, it may take up to six months to complete the entire procedure. It is often helpful to seek assistance from a qualified immigration attorney to guide you through the course of action.

Prepare for Citizenship

It is important that you properly prepare for citizenship before you apply. You may want to enroll in a class that provides you with the basic U.S. history knowledge needed to pass the test. Additionally, you must be able to prove that you have English reading and writing skills.

Complete Application Form

Once you are prepared for the naturalization procedure, you should complete form N-400, which is the application for naturalization. You must include a copy of your green card, both front and back, with your application. Additionally, you must include two color passport-sized photos, which will not be returned.

Submit N-400 Form with Payment

You must submit the application along with the current payment in form of a check or money order. Once received, the applicant will be given an acknowledgement of receipt. This means that the USCIS has your application and will process it. Next, you will be contacted to have your fingerprints taken, which usually happens within several months. After several more months, you will receive notice of a scheduled date and time for your USCIS interview. The letter will also indicate any additional documentation that you must bring to the interview.

Interview with USICS

The USCIS interview is the most important part of the naturalization process. You will be interviewed and must provide all requested documents. If you fail the interview or the test, you will be allowed to reschedule it one time. If you fail a second time, you must begin the entire process over again from the start. You will be asked 10 U.S. history questions, which you must pass with a score of at least 6 correct. You will also be required to write and speak a sentence in English.

Take the Oath of Citizenship

If you pass the interview and test, you will become a naturalized citizen. The citizenship oath is scheduled for a ceremony with other applicants. You will be provided with naturalization paperwork. Naturalization is a serious and important undertaking. If you have any questions about the procedures or need guidance, contact an immigration lawyer for assistance.

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