When considering telephone information and your immigration case,  can telephone information provided by USCIS be relied on during an immigration case? Accurate information is important to applicants applying for immigration benefits. Not having accurate information regarding the status of an application, missing information, or scheduled appointments with USCIS can ruin an immigration case without it ever being considered on its merits. Applicants have many options regarding how to obtain relevant case status information including the USCIS online case status portal and scheduling a direct appointment with a USICS caseworker. However, the most common method of obtaining case related information involves calling USCIS. Relying only on telephone information from USCIS has been criticized for being unreliable and a potential risk.

Applicants who call USCIS about case status will call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) that provides telephone assistance to customers with pending immigration matters through either an automated system or by connecting with live assistance.

Individuals who are dealing with USCIS often experience a level of confusion when trying to obtain a status updates regarding their case. Confusion often arises from the fact that applicants can receive information from the agency such as the online case status portal, the telephone customer service line and in person, from USCIS staff. Further, this confusion is compounded from misinformation that is shared online among immigration and naturalization forums that recount stories of applicants whose cases were harmed by faulty information obtained from USCIS.

As a preliminary matter, it is assumed USCIS will not provide intentionally false information regarding case information through any of its information systems; however, there is always the possibility that information may not be entirely accurate when checking, which can be the product of relaying up to date information in the USCIS case system to applicants. Given these problems, applicants should understand that written notices are the most reliable (and the only official) form of information, an applicant will receive from USCIS. If a written notice has not been received, the USCIS online case status portal and the telephone system should be used only for informational purposes and not as a guide to decision making.

An Arizona immigration attorney can help you navigate the complex situation in which you need immigration help. Getting accurate information is essential with any immigration matter.


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