You may be asking, “How long will my business litigation case take?” Here are a few guidelines. It is impossible to give one general answer that addresses this concern across the board. Every business litigation case in Arizona is different and depends on the personalities of the individuals involved as well as the complexity of the claim.

One of the most important things you can do for your case is to retain an Arizona business litigation lawyer as soon as possible after you believe that you have a claim. This can give you an overview of what to expect and you can get an attorney’s insight on your conflict in general. While no attorney can predict the exact length of time that your case may take, you can get a better perspective over an anticipated length and what you can do to move the case along more quickly.

Case Length Depends on Multiple Factors

To put it simply, the more complex the case is, the higher the likelihood that it could take months or years to resolve it. If neither party is willing to compromise on the outcome in mediation or negotiations, this can create gridlock. Working with your Arizona business litigation attorney is helpful for figuring out the key legal issues involved. Deciding to move forward with a case in litigation may be your only option, but the preparation you take by hiring the right attorney can have a big impact on how quickly it’s resolved.

If The Defendant Fails to Answer the Summons and Complaint

You may be eligible to receive a default judgement if the defendant doesn’t answer the summons and complaints submitted. If the defendant does answer the complaint, the length from start to finish of your commercial litigation case depends on numerous factors, including the amount at stake, the caseload of the court in which the lawsuit is filed, whether the case could be resolved through settlement or whether it goes to trial, and the complexity of the case.

Although business litigation claims involving smaller dollar amounts could typically be resolved in a couple of months, litigation with higher value claims or many complex legal issues that need to be analyzed at the court level can take months or years from beginning to end. Having an experienced attorney at your side to answer these questions and to help you avoid common mistakes can be extremely beneficial during this time. Do not hesitate to get advice from an attorney as soon as possible.


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