With more and more Americans reaching middle age, it is no wonder that divorce after 50 is becoming more common. Divorce is often an option when couples are no longer able to get along as a married couple. There may be a number of reasons why people divorce after 50.

Reasons for Divorce

Those over the age of 50 divorce for the same reasons as younger people. The marriage may be out of steam, couples may feel they have grown apart, or they may simply be done with the relationship. Sometimes people wait until the children are grown to decide whether to divorce. Whatever the reasons, there can be some complications when people divorce after 50.

Complex Settlement Issues

Couples who are older or more established, often have acquired a great many assets. These may include a number of savings accounts, pension and retirement plans, investments, property, and other assets. These can greatly complicate matters during a divorce. Arizona divorce laws require that divorcing couples divide community property equitably. Community property includes everything that was acquired during the marriage, but does not include inheritance to one party alone, or gifts to one party alone.

Division of Assets

A large number of assets can make settling the divorce more difficult. Before you begin the uncoupling process it is best to speak with a qualified divorce attorney. Your lawyer will help guide you through the process, answer your questions, and give you options so you can decide how to move forward. Count on your lawyer to provide you with a list of issues that must be reviewed through the procedure. One of the first steps is to make a complete list of all your assets. Be sure to include any pensions or retirement accounts, along with the dates they were acquired and the amount of money they currently contain.

Getting Through Divorce After 50

Sometimes, those going through a divorce after 50 find it a much easier time than younger divorcing people. This may be because of broader life experiences, and a network of good friends and family. Seek out the expertise of an experienced family law attorney who will take charge of the situation and keep the process on track. Divorce over 50 isn’t always easy, but with some help and support, it may open your life to a whole new chapter.

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