I spent the summer of my junior year in high school as a volunteer for the Association for Supportive Child Care’s Phone Friend Program.  Phone Friend is a “warm line” program that invites kids ages 5 to 18 years to call in to a friendly volunteer to read books, get homework help, play a game, or to just talk about their day.  Many of the kids I spoke to were home without a parent for a couple of hours and wanted to hear a friendly voice.  Still others just wanted to play silly games or tell me stories after Mom and Dad had already done so for the “nth” time.  Each afternoon that I spent volunteering brought something different and I truly enjoyed my summer manning the Phone Friend lines with my volunteer colleagues.

All these years later, the program still exists and it is bigger and even better than I knew it.  I now sit on the Board of Directors of the parent group, the Association of Supportive Child Care, and I am blessed to be able to contribute my efforts to what I feel is such an amazingly worthy cause.  In this age of dwindling numbers of landline phones and increased computer time for kids, the program is opening up a computer-based format.  Just like the phone-line access, this computer-based format will be open from Monday through Friday, 1:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for kids 5 to 18.  I highly recommend that clients, friends, teachers, and others encourage their kids to contact Phone Friend.

For more information about the Phone Friend program, please see their very kid-friendly website: http://phonefriend.org.  The computer-based chat format can be accessed at www.phonefriend.org/chat2.html.


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