Construction sites are often not as safe as they should be.  As a result, construction site injuries can occur, and can often be very serious.  Large equipment and harmful materials can cause conditions that make accidents more likely.

Construction Equipment

Construction equipment and machinery is often large and heavy. Accidents can happen when machinery operators are not properly trained or when the equipment is not functioning correctly. Human error is a very common reason for accidents.

Safety Rules

Safety rules are in place at construction sites, but may not always be followed. Workers are typically required to wear hard hats in specific areas and those working construction need to wear steel-toed shoes. Other safety requirements may be in place. It is up to the construction company managers, owners, and operators to oversee workplace safety. Safety inspections must be in place to adequately ensure continued safety for both workers and visitors.

Injuries at Construction Sites

Injuries that happen at construction sites can be very severe. Falls are among the most common type of accidents and can result in injuries ranging from bruises and sprains, to broken bones, back injuries, and head trauma. Back injuries from lifting heavy objects are another common occurrence. Materials that fall or are left in the way can also be the source of medical distress. Sometimes the injuries can be life-threatening or can even result in death.

Resolving Construction Site Accidents

If you have been injured at a construction site the first thing to do is seek immediate medical attention. Report the injury to the manager or your employer at once. Write down exactly what happened so that you can recall the details at a later date. If possible, take photos of the area where the accident happened. Before speaking with an insurance company representative, discuss the details of the accident with a qualified injury attorney. You may have excessive damages because of the injury which may include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Make sure that you get enough compensation to cover all of the expenses.

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