Here are some tips on how to prepare for the visa interview. There is a process in place for achieving legal permanent residency, also called a green card. The first part of the process requires you to submit an application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once the application has been successfully accepted by USCIS, they will schedule an interview. The interview is a meeting with a USCIS representative after which a final determination will be made regarding your immigration status. The interview is one of the last elements of the process, but one that you must take seriously. It is best to learn how to prepare for the Visa interview before you attend.

Preparing for the Interview

There are a number of documents that you must bring with you to the interview. Some of these can take a great deal of time to obtain, so you must prepare in advance. When you receive your appointment confirmation you will also be provided with a list of all documents that must be provided during your interview. These may include such items as proof of your current address, proof of employment and proof of marriage. Keep in mind that the officials will accept original documents only, and typically do not allow photocopies.

What to Bring to the Interview

Review the list of documents and any other items provided to you in the letter you received. These items are required and must be brought to the interview meeting. Make sure that you bring along all of your current documentation and identifications that provide proof of your identity. You may be required to provide medical status. Your doctor must complete and sign the documents as requested. It is essential to bring all of the items with you because failure to do so could result in a Visa denial.

Ensuring a Smooth Interview

Coming to the interview fully prepared will help to ensure a smooth process. Be certain to arrive on time and do not miss your appointment. If necessary, bring an interpreter to the interview so you are certain that you properly answer the questions. Dress properly for the meeting, in clothing that you would wear to court. It is helpful to understand the process so that you know what to expect during the interview. An experienced immigration attorney will answer your questions and help you properly prepare for the interview. Your lawyer can also attend the interview with you, although you are expected to provide answers during the interview. A successful interview means that you more likely achieve your Visa status.

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