Impaired driving is becoming a big concern all across the country. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs are the most common reasons for impaired driving. Another type of impaired driving is driving while fatigued. Fatigued drivers cause accidents, very often causing serious injuries or fatalities. Drowsy drivers have slow reaction times and are unable to drive carefully.

Fatigued Driving

Fatigued driving is simply driving while you are extremely tired. This can happen after working a long shift, after staying awake for exams, during a long road trip, or for any other number of reasons. The problem with fatigued driving is that it creates impairment, similar to that of people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drivers may have trouble concentrating and in extreme cases, may actually nod off while behind the wheel.

Driving While Impaired

Most people don’t realize when they are too impaired to drive. If you take your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, it can have disastrous results. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured or killed every year because of accidents caused by impaired drivers.  These serious accidents could have been prevented if the drivers had simply pulled to the side of the road to rest, rather than getting behind the wheel.

Preventing Impaired Driving

It can be difficult to know about an impaired driver until an accident happens. However, if you see a driver that is swerving, driving slowly, or erratically, they may be impaired. The driver should be reported immediately so that police can take action. Many fatigued driving accidents occur with truck drivers because of their long schedules. Efforts must be made to regulate the length of time drivers are allowed to be on the roads. This alone could help to reduce accidents and keep highways safer.

Accidents Due to Fatigued Driving

Accidents caused by fatigued driving are often quite serious. Drivers may fall asleep and fail to try to stop, hitting into other vehicles at a high rate of speed. Serious injuries include back and neck injuries, broken bones, head trauma, and internal injuries, among others. Some accidents cause fatal injuries. Driving while fatigued is considered negligent driving. The driver is liable for the damages caused by the accident, including all medical expenses and treatment. When someone is seriously hurt because of the negligence of another driver, they are entitled to compensation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will review the details of the case to determine the options that are available to you.

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