The process to obtain a Visa can be a long and difficult one. Sometimes delays occur which can be detrimental to the requestors and their families. Some delays are to be expected, but when they are unnecessary, action can be taken to speed up the process. When you or your family experience a serious hardship because of the extended waiting period, it may be necessary to seek legal assistance in order to resolve the situation and get the procedure escalated. An experienced immigration attorney will review your case and help with understanding Mandamus Lawsuits.

Mandamus Lawsuit

The U.S. has special legislation in place to deal with long delays for immigration decisions from USCIS. A Mandamus Lawsuit provides a legal way to bring your immigration case to a federal court in order to force a Visa decision within a specific period of time. A knowledgeable immigration lawyer will help you determine whether a lawsuit is necessary. If so, the necessary paperwork must be filled out and properly filed to request a hearing.

How a Lawsuit Can Help

A Mandamus Lawsuit is designed to resolve difficult or stalled Visa application cases. The lawsuit brings your case in front of an immigration judge, who will review your situation. The judge can order the USCIS to take immediate action on a delayed case and forces your application to be reviewed. The lawsuit is one of the only ways to help get your case decided in a more expeditious manner.  The lawsuit, however, does not guarantee a positive outcome of your Visa decision; it merely speeds up the review process.

Legal Help with Mandamus Lawsuits

The legal immigration procedures can be complex. The Visa process can take months to complete. With this in mind, it can be beneficial to speak with a competent immigration attorney to help guide you through the procedure. If the process seems to be taking an extraordinarily long time, your attorney may suggest filing a Mandamus Lawsuit. Sometimes the process will be sped up simply by filing this paperwork. If you feel that your Visa application process is stalled or needs to be handled more quickly, consult with your attorney. Your lawyer will review the situation and provide you with your options. If a Mandamus Lawsuit is appropriate, your immigration attorney will work to file the request and will represent you to protect your best interests.

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