Bullying Prevention has come to the forefront of school policy and education processes. Bullying is one of the most harmful threats to the emotional well-being of children. It often goes on without the knowledge of teachers or parents. Bullying is something that cannot be tolerated. When bullying is brought to the attention of teachers or administrators, they are responsible for taking action. The failure to do anything about known bullying can put those in charge at risk of legal action. Schools must put policies in place to address bullying prevention and punishment.

Types of Bullying

Bullying can occur in any school, in any city, in any country. It does not occur primarily in certain socio-economic locations. There are three main types of bullying that include:

  • Verbal Bullying
  • Physical Bullying
  • Social Bullying

Verbal bullying includes name-calling, teasing, and taunting. It may also involve unwanted comments, such as those of a sexual nature. Threatening to harm another person is also a form of verbal bullying.

Physical bullying occurs when someone takes physical action against another person. Hitting, kicking, spitting, and pushing are all examples of physical bullying. Taking someone else’s belongings or breaking them may also be a form of physical bullying.

Social bullying happens when someone purposely leaves another person out of a group, or spreads rumors about another. It also includes embarrassing someone in public, and hurting someone’s feelings or reputation. Social bullying may also be done through online social networks.

Bullying Prevention

It is the job of teachers and school administrators to try to prevent bullying from occurring. School administrators must create a plan to prevent bullying. Some schools accomplish this through the use of a committee or task force. Students must be taught that bullying is not tolerated and they need to learn what to do if they are a victim of bullying or if they observe bullying.  Parents should be informed about the warning signs of bullying and should be encouraged to report any instances of suspected bullying to school officials.

Bullying Prevention Programs

Schools must address all the various types of bullying and understand that they may occur both in and out of the school facility. Those involved in creating a prevention plan may find it helpful to attend a bullying prevention training course. A plan should be implemented that defines how to recognize bullying, how to prevent it, how to report it, and what punishments will occur as a result of bullying. A bullying plan should be reviewed by a qualified education law attorney to ensure that it follows the current rules and guidelines.

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