Pedestrian accidents are on the rise and one of the biggest concerns is with child pedestrian safety. Schools, by their nature, are surrounded by traffic and children, which can be a dangerous situation without proper safeguards and training.  Teachers should provide basic pedestrian safety training to children of all ages. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, offers information designed to assist educators in teaching the basics of pedestrian safety to children in school. Their training materials are geared towards children from kindergarten through grade 5.

Student Safety near Schools

Before and after school, children are entering and exiting vehicles and buses and may be walking home as well. Schools have an obligation to ensure the safety of kids and parents while on campus. Safety or crossing guards are helpful in assisting younger children cross streets in a safe manner. School safety zones must be properly determined and marked so that drivers drive slowly during school hours.

Training Essentials

Some of the most important skills to include when teaching children about pedestrian safety include walking near traffic, crossing streets and intersections, safety in parking lots, and school bus safety. Bicycle safety is also an important part of pedestrian safety training.  In addition, children need to learn the importance of being aware of their surroundings. Kids may not realize how dangerous a vehicle can be, even when it is traveling at a slow speed.

Pedestrian Distractions

Pedestrian accidents in general are on the rise, due in part to the increased use of electronic devices such as cell phones, games, and music players.  Children are utilizing cell phones and other handheld devices at younger ages than ever before. Kids need to be taught to be conscious of where they are walking. They must also be careful to notice those around them so they do not become victims of robbery. They should not be allowed to use their devices while they are near roads and sidewalks.

School Rules

Administrators should put rules and policies in place that will help to reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents. Keeping children away from high-traffic areas can be accomplished using fences or markers, or with the use of painted yellow lines. Monitors are necessary to help enforce safety rules on school property. Crossing guards and safety supervisors establish and maintain proper etiquette and make sure that children remain alert while following the rules. School administrators may need help in establishing safety rules and guidelines. Safety training is available to educators and local rules and regulations regarding vehicle and pedestrian traffic should be reviewed.

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