Conflicts may arise between teachers and students or even between two students or groups. The classroom teacher is the first point of contact and has a responsibility to try to diffuse the problem as much as possible so that it does not escalate. The advent of social media makes it even more important for teachers to properly handle conflicts from the moment they arise.  Administrators need to put plans in place that are focused on helping teachers resolve classroom conflicts. Conflicts can easily escalate when handled inappropriately.

Preparing Teachers

School administrators must assist teachers in the resolution of conflicts. One of the best things that schools can do is to train teachers so that they can prevent conflicts before they occur. Schools should create policies that aid teachers in the classroom. Disciplinary guidelines are essential in helping teachers understand their boundaries regarding acceptable consequences.  . Generally, a teacher should be able to send a student to the principal’s office when necessary. Administrators need to implement policies regarding improper classroom behavior.

Conflict Resolution Training

Teachers may be provided with training on conflict resolution. There are courses that can be taken both online and in person that train educators on how to handle classroom conflicts. Teachers should repeat courses regularly because new techniques and skills will be introduced. Teachers will learn how to recognize various levels of anger, and what to do to react in a way that will not escalate the problem. Practicing through role-playing is a helpful technique that teachers can utilize.

Team Strategies

Schools must put procedures in place to assist teachers and others regarding conflicts in the classroom. A team effort is one way to approach the matter. Administrators and teachers should work together as a team to determine the best way to resolve conflicts. Rules must be put into place that address conflict resolution and the consequences for students. Teachers need to learn how to identify a potential conflict and develop techniques to show caring and support while ensuring that the student’s rights are respected.

Rules and Policies

Putting the proper rules and policies into place will assist in effective resolution of classroom conflicts. The situation should be dealt with immediately, and the student’s parents should be involved in discussions. An individual plan may need to be put into place for children with repeated conflicts or anger issues. Before implementing a new policy or plan, consult with an experienced education law attorney to ensure that it conforms with all the applicable local, state, and federal laws.


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