Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating, and even more tragic when they involve school buses. One of the important concerns of school administrators is the prevention of bus accidents. Policies and guidelines must be put in place to prevent accidents from occurring and to minimize injuries should an accident happen.

Bus Policies

It is necessary to review school bus policies on a regular basis. The policies must be made in accordance with local, state, and federal laws, and designed to protect the safety of students. While bus drivers are particularly responsible for safe transportation of children, the students themselves must follow safety rules. Children, teachers, and bus drivers need to be taught the policies that apply and understand the consequences of misbehaving for students. For example, kids are required to remain seated while the bus is moving. They must also adhere to behavior requirements. Failure to do so could cause a dangerous situation by distracting the bus driver.

Choosing Transportation Staff

It is essential to ensure that the drivers are properly trained, and that background checks are conducted and reviewed.  . Buses must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to keep them safe.

Bus Monitors

Some schools may determine that bus monitors are necessary. A bus monitor is an adult tasked with ensuring the safety and security of children during transportation. Monitors help to ensure that kids obey the rules while on the bus and also make sure that children get on or off the bus at the correct stops. Bus monitors may be employees of the school or district or may be volunteers.  Monitors should be trained in school policies as well as the rules of the road that apply to school buses.

Important Considerations

It is ultimately the responsibility of the school administrators to ensure the safety of all children under their care. Policies need to be put into place and enforced in order to be effective. Teachers, parents, and even students should report problems with buses when they occur. Administrators need to review policies periodically and make any changes they see fit. Those involved in making and enforcing the rules may want to speak with a skilled education law attorney to review the policies to make certain that they conform with local, state, and federal laws.

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