As the summer heats up, the use of pools increases substantially. Along with pool use comes the concern of pool safety. According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are about 10 drownings in the United States every day that are not related to boating. These deaths could be prevented with increased knowledge and awareness of summer pool safety.

Drowning Accidents

Drowning can happen very quickly. It occurs when the swimmer breathes in water, rather than oxygen.  Everyone has accidentally gulped in a small amount of water while swimming; however, when the person is unable to get air, a drowning may occur. Many drowning deaths happen when young children fall into the water and are unable to swim. All swimmers should be supervised and pools must be secured with fences and gates to keep others away. No person should ever swim alone.


Public swimming places such as community and hotel pools should be manned with a lifeguard. Lifeguards help to increase the safety near pools, but should not be relied upon for complete security. Young children should wear safety vests and must not be allowed in the pool without an adult.  Taking your eyes off of a child, even for a minute, could prove to be a deadly mistake. Children can drown in a matter of minutes and brain damage occurs quickly without oxygen to the brain. Kids may drown in relatively low levels of water and have even been found to have drowned after falling into a bucket of water.

Learn CPR

Children should be taught how to swim at a young age so they are more secure in a pool. However, even those who know how to swim can get into trouble and drown while swimming. Adults need to learn CPR and be watchful of others in the pool. If someone is struggling in the water, quick action could save a life. The person should be immediately removed from the pool and laid on their side so water can drain from their mouth. Call 911 and perform CPR until paramedics arrive.

If someone has suffered a serious injury or has died because of a swimming accident, it may be due to the negligence of another. For example, if someone left a gate open, a child could wander in, fall into the pool, and drown. Families of pool drowning victims should seek damages from the responsible party with help from a reputable personal injury attorney.

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