A vacation is a wonderful and refreshing break from normal activities and is a great way for families to bond and recharge. While most vacations provide a well-needed respite, sometimes, a vacation can be spoiled by an injury. Injuries can occur for a number of reasons. Tourists are often unfamiliar with their surroundings, which can contribute to a vehicle or pedestrian accident. Slip and fall accidents are also a common cause of injuries while on vacation. Many people wonder what to do if you are injured on vacation.

Seek Medical Attention

When an injury happens while you are away from home your initial response may be confusion. You are probably unsure about where to go for medical help and wonder whether your insurance will cover your injuries. The first thing to do after an injury is to seek medical attention. If you ignore your need to see a doctor, the injury could worsen and it could ruin even more of your vacation. Be sure to keep all medical records, receipts, and names of doctors and facilities where you were treated.

Report the Injury

It is essential that you report the injury to authorities. If the injury occurred in your hotel, contact the manager to inform him of the accident. If you are unsure about what injuries have occurred, let him know that you are seeking medical care and will provide more information later. If the accident warrants it, file a police report. Be sure to get an accident report of the incident for use later, if need be.

Gather Information

It is important to gather as much information as possible about the accident and where it occurred. Take photos that show the location of the accident and condition of the area where the injury happened. Get the names and phone numbers of any people who witnessed the accident, even if you may never need them. It is also helpful to take down the names of any employees who assisted you throughout the incident.

When You Are Out of the Country

When you are injured in another country, the situation may become more complicated. Your insurance may not cover your medical expenses. The laws of the country where the accident occurred prevail, and they may be different than the laws of the United States. For these reasons, it is even more important that you collect all the necessary information and documentation before you leave the country.

Seek Legal Remedies

While the manager or insurance company may offer to provide you with compensation, this may not be the best idea. Future medical treatment could be very expensive, and you may not be provided with enough money to cover these costs. Instead, contact a reputable personal injury law firm to discuss your case and learn your options.


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