After the submission of a visa application, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) will review it and make a determination. It is not unusual to wait a long period of time to get an answer. The news that a visa was denied can be very difficult, especially after an extended wait time. However, a denial is not necessarily the end of the process. Many people wonder what to do after a visa denial. The first step is to understand the reason the visa was denied. This can often be better understood with help from an experienced immigration attorney. Remember that you are usually able to reapply for a visa once you resolve the problem that was keeping you from approval.

Reasons for Visa Refusals

One of the most common reasons for a visa refusal is that the applicant has not provided enough information. Those who are denied a visa due to lack of information may be able to resolve the problem by gathering the additional documentation necessary. If the denial was due to ineligibility, the situation is likely much more complicated. Applicants must review the documents that were submitted and ensure that they meet all the criteria for the visa for which they have applied.

Notification of Refusal

Part of the refusal process requires that the applicant be provided with the exact section of the law that applies to the denial. Knowing the area of law that is involved will be of extreme importance when trying to resolve the issues so that you can reapply. A knowledgeable immigration lawyer will assist you in reviewing the reason for denial and help you take the steps necessary to fix the problems with your application. Sometimes the issues are very minor, and you will be able to easily fix the situation.

Reapply for a Visa

Those applicants who were denied a visa are typically able to reapply. There is not a process in place to appeal the visa denial; therefore the process must begin again with a new submission. Before you submit a new visa application, be certain that you have resolved the problem that caused the original denial. Otherwise, you could go through the entire process again, only to be denied again.  The immigration process can be a long and difficult one, especially if your visa request was denied. Be sure that your next attempt at visa application submission will be successful by thoroughly reviewing the denial and obtaining the necessary documentation before reapplication.

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