Violence in schools is a serious concern. The incidences of violent actions in schools have been increasing. Schools need to review and update their policies and examine school violence prevention basics. With an increase in violence comes the likelihood of a marked decrease in achievement scores and school performance. Educators must understand how to become more aware of violence in their schools and learn how to take action to stop it.

Things to Know About School Violence

There are some important facts to know about violence in schools.

  • Research has found that there is a link between high risk behaviors and academic performance.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and drug use are found to contribute to low grades, poor motivation, lack of attention, and a negative attitude toward academia.
  • Threats of violence at school may lead to lower achievement scores.
  • Students who feel more connected to school will perform better than those who do not feel connected.

Keeping students involved in school activities is a deterrent for violence and other negative behaviors. Schools need to provide plenty of extracurricular activities for students with all types of interests. For example, sports are just one of the necessary options for student participation. A large selection of clubs, organizations, and interest groups are also needed. Faculty members should encourage student participation and participate and volunteer themselves.

School Safety and Prevention

The Arizona Department of Education operates the Office of School Safety and Prevention (SS&P). This division provides support for school safety. School safety includes three main functions:  prevention; intervention; and, response. The goal of the SS&P is to assist schools in developing safe and healthy learning environments for students and staff. The SS&P also gives funding, training, and technical support to schools, and teams up with local, state, and federal resources.

Reducing the Risk of Violence

Schools must take every precaution by offering programs that will reduce the risk of violence. Teaching kids about the negative consequences of risky behaviors, such as smoking and drugs, will help. Schools may need to put school safety programs in place that employ police and other trained professionals to discourage violence. Administrators need to assess the school to determine the potential for violence and to establish new methods of prevention. A school violence prevention team will help to make sure that the concerns continue to be addressed. By continually concentrating on the potential for violence, school officials will keep their facilities safe and secure.


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