Football is one of America’s most popular sports but it is also a cause of many injuries to young people.  Chief among the risks of participating in football is the risk of football concussion injuries.  Concussion injuries can cause long term negative effects on those who experience them. While there is still a lot to learn about concussions, coaches and parents should be careful about allowing children to play and must be vigilant about getting proper medical attention after an injury occurs.

Sports Concussion Laws

Arizona youth sports concussion laws have been in place since 2011. There are some important provisions that team sponsoring organization must follow. Parents must provide written consent for their child to play any sports activities. The permission must include information about concussion injuries so that parents are aware of the potential dangers of the sport as well as how to treat head injuries. Schools must put guidelines in place that include educational programs.

When a Child Is Hurt

If a child is hurt while playing football or any sport, the athlete must be removed from the game immediately. If a concussion is suspected, the coach, doctor, or trainer should immediately evaluate the child’s condition.  Any student athlete who has been diagnosed with a concussion cannot return to practices or games until he or she is cleared to participate by a qualified physician. Play on the same day as an injury is only allowed if the student has been found not to be suffering from a concussion. Parents are allowed to remove their child from play if they suspect that their child was seriously injured or may have a concussion. The coach must work with parents to make sure they understand the rules.

Sponsoring Organization Policies

Each sponsoring organization is responsible for implementing policies that address concussions. These policies should be reviewed and updated yearly to comply with state and local laws. Permission forms should be signed by parents each year or for every sport in which their child participates. Athletes should be educated on the signs of a concussion and the potential problems that a concussion may have. Sponsoring organizations need to review their policies to ensure compliance.


A sponsoring organization that fails comply with state laws and/or its own concussion protocols may be legally responsible for concussion injuries suffered by participants.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide more information about the possibility of seeking compensation for a concussion injury.

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