Your marriage is on the rocks, the kids are out of school, and you may wonder, is summer the best time to divorce? In many cases, summer may be a good time to get a divorce, especially if you have children. Time away from the school routine may be helpful in setting up a new schedule for the family. There are many things to consider when you divorce, and timing is just one of them.

New Living Arrangements

When you decide to divorce, spouses will start to live apart from each other. One or both spouses will need to find a new place to reside. It is sometimes easier to find a new place to live and get settled into it during the summer months. If you will be sharing parenting responsibilities, children will be able to get used to the new arrangement more easily and the adjustment does not necessarily have to coincide with school-related stressors.

Creating a New Routine

Children have stress in their lives like adults do. The stress of a divorce can be difficult for children to handle. During the school year, when kids are trying to keep up with school, the new routine could be harder for them. It is easier to establish a new routine during the summer, when children are more able to cope with the changes. By the time they get back to school, they will be settled into a new routine.

The Decision to Divorce

The decision to divorce is never an easy one. Once you have decided to end the marriage, it may not be wise to wait any longer to separate, regardless of the time of year. Animosity and resentment can begin to build up, especially once the decision to divorce has been made. Staying together any longer could make the divorce much more difficult on the entire family. If you have not yet decided to get a divorce, you and your spouse may want to try counseling first.

The Best Time to Divorce

The best time to end a marriage is once you have made sure that marriage is no longer working and feel confident that any efforts to reconcile would not work, or have not worked. You may be fighting a lot, there may be tension, or there simply may be a lack of connection. Remember that children are very perceptive, and they often sense things that they cannot even put into words. It is often the best thing for everyone to end the anxiety and take the next step towards a divorce, no matter what the time of year.

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