As parents, the safety of our children is one of the greatest concerns.  We are always trying to keep our kids out of harm’s way. As diligent as we may be, unsafe toys are cause for concern. Toys are often recalled because they are hazardous and our children could be at risk for serious injury or death. Parents and care providers need to be aware of possible dangers and take precautions to help avoid injury. If an injury occurs, it may be necessary to take legal action.

Common Dangers of Toys

There are a number of different dangers in toys which could pose problems to children. One of the most common problems is that a toy could be a choking hazard. A toy may have small parts or parts that could come off and be put in the mouth. Another danger is lead paint. Toys made in the United States should not contain lead paint, but some toys made in other countries do. These toys may not provide information about their paint or metal content, so it is up to parents to beware of them. Magnetic toys are very popular, but the small magnets are very unsafe for children who ingest the tiny pieces.

Preventing Toy Injuries

Parents can do quite a bit to help prevent serious injuries from toys. Always read the box to find out what age the toy targets and only choose age-appropriate toys. One of the biggest problems with toys is that young children get their hands on toys meant for older kids. Read the instructions and inspect every toy before giving it to your child. Supervise the time your child spends playing with toys, especially when multiple children of different ages are present. Be careful of buying used toys and check online to make sure there are no recalls.

When Toys Cause Injuries

When a child is injured by a toy, it may be because the toy manufacturer or distributor was negligent. Toys with parts that unexpectedly come off are a major problem because small children could put the items in their mouths. Toys that are hazardous may have problems overheating or with faulty battery packs. Manufacturers are required to inform buyers of the potential problems on the package. If this was not done, it is a problem. Additionally, recalls must be made as soon as a problem is discovered. If your child suffered a serious injury because of a toy, contact a qualified personal injury attorney to fight for your rights.

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