Diabetes is a serious medical condition. Children with diabetes must be properly cared for and monitored. It must be noted, however, that diabetes does not equal a disability. Kids with diabetes are generally able to participate fully in their education and all activities. Special consideration may be needed for children with diabetes, such as a health plan.  A care of students with diabetes health plan should be put into place to address the child’s needs from school personnel in regards to their illness.

Insulin and Glucagon Administration

Arizona law allows the administration of both insulin and glucagon to students by trained school staff.  It is important to note that each school district or governing board may adopt their own policies and procedures that pertain to this situation. In cases where the school allows care, they must have at least two employees designated as voluntary care assistants. Assistants must meet specific legal requirements and need to be properly trained. Parents are responsible for providing the medication and care supplies as needed.


Per Arizona law, students are allowed to carry diabetes care kits and provide self-care as long as they have written permission to do so from a licensed doctor or health care professional. The doctor must provide a medical plan that addresses the student’s specific needs. Additionally, the school district must have a policy in place that allows students to self-manage their diabetes on school property and during school activities.

Diabetes Management Plan

Parents of diabetic students must submit a diabetes management plan to the school. The plan must be updated annually, or whenever a change is necessary. The plan may authorize the child to carry a diabetes care kit and equipment, or have those things kept with the health assistant at school. The kit may include such equipment as needles, insulin, and blood glucose testing devices. In addition to the administration of medication, the plan must also address the proper disposal of needles and other equipment once it has been used or dispensed.

School Policies

School districts must have policies in place to address diabetes and other health care of students. Schools must have properly trained staff members to handle diabetes administration if necessary. This care must be available during regular school hours as well as during school trips, activities, and athletic events. School administrators should speak with an education attorney when putting a diabetes policy into place.

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