Spouses who are divorcing may have heard the phrase “conscious uncoupling.” Conscious uncoupling is a phrase made popular by trendy celebrity couples.  However, there is benefit in it for us “real folks,” too as it offers a way to divorce that is less stressful and traumatic for parents and children. Of course, this is something that is done by couples as they go through their divorce, and a divorce attorney is still recommended to handle the details.

A More Amicable Divorce

When people decide to divorce there is often a lot of pent up anger and animosity on both parts. This can often take its toll both emotionally and financially. Couples who are more grounded during the process are able to make better decisions and be more amicable towards their spouses. The idea of conscious uncoupling may give you the feeling of rainbows and sunshine, but people wonder whether there is any actual benefit to it.

Does Conscious Uncoupling Work?

Conscious uncoupling is a concept that is typically used in conjunction with family counseling sessions. The concept originated through counseling, and therefore, it involves the couple working through their differences with a professional. When both parties are committed to the process, it can be quite successful. However, in many cases, couples are simply past the point of being able to work together in this manner. Only those couples who are open to the process will benefit from it.

Divorce Issues

There are many various divorce issues that need to be resolved as part of the process of splitting up. Matters that revolve around finances and children are the most complex and usually the most difficult to resolve. A compassionate divorce attorney is capable of facilitating communication and compromise between spouses while protecting their client’s rights. It is important to understand that regardless of what you may want, Arizona divorce laws require couples to distribute assets and debts in an equitable fashion. This requires compromise on both parts.

Resolving Difficult Issues

When there are difficult issues that are not easily resolved, therapy or counseling may be helpful. Another option may be mediation. These choices could help people better understand what is behind the disagreement, which will help to move past the problem to a resolution that is fair to everyone. Those with anger issues may require separate counseling, apart from the divorce proceedings.

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