Protecting Your Trademark As A Sign of Your Brand

Just as you take steps to protect the name of your company, you must also be concerned with protecting your trademark. A trademark is generally considered to be the sign or symbol that is associated with your business. You see such trademarks all the time. For example, you associate a green mermaid with Starbucks, and a red bull’s eye with Target. You likely want to find a trademark that helps people think of your brand when they see it.  Trademarks are also known as service marks or logos.

Choose a Trademark

Choosing a trademark may not be an easy task. You must make sure that it is unique and is not in use already by another company. It is typically best to create a trademark that has some connection to your product or service. A professional logo designer will help you create a trademark that suits your needs. When creating a trademark, keep a few key points in mind.

  • Choose a simple logo that can be easily placed on products and stationary.
  • Consider what colors work best. Fewer colors are usually better and less expensive.
  • Determine how it will be used. This will help you decide on the design.
  • Get several variations made in case one is already in use.

Trademark Search

You are not allowed to use a trademark that is already in place. In fact, it cannot be extremely similar to another one. It can be difficult to create a logo with so many of them already in use. A trademark search needs to be done to ensure that your selected design is not yet registered. An experienced commercial law attorney will be able to assist in the trademark search and provide you with valuable guidance throughout the process. You need to be sure to choose a mark that represents your business while not infringing on anyone else’s mark.

Trademark Registration

Once you have created trademark that you want and have checked to make sure that it is unique, you are ready to protect it. The only way to protect your trademark is by registering it. The registration process is not mandatory, but is certainly recommended. You may register your trademark through the state of Arizona or nationwide. If you are planning on doing business outside of the area, it is best to file for a national trademark registration. Your lawyer will answer your questions and help you with successful registration of your trademark.


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