Going through a divorce can be a difficult and traumatic time for families. A divorce can take some time to complete and the family may be going through a period of turmoil in the meantime. Parents and children alike may be conflicted and could be suffering emotionally throughout this period. How these feelings are handled can make the difference between a successful transition and a more complicated one. One way to help work through unresolved feelings is with family counseling after divorce. Your divorce attorney may have some suggestions for local professionals.

Types of Counseling

There are several types of counseling available. Many people use the words counselor and therapist interchangeably. Counseling and therapy are similar, but therapy is generally more intensive. Counselors conduct counseling, while therapy is done by psychiatrists, psychologists, or social workers. Both involve working with people to try to identify their problems and find solutions to them. Counseling generally refers to short-term care, while therapy usually requires a more long-term, in-depth solution.

Children and Counseling

Children of all ages may benefit from counseling after a divorce. The concerns of children vary greatly depending on their age. For example, a small child may be worried about their immediate needs and is scared of the changes that have occurred. Older children are more focused on finding the cause of the divorce, and may be anxious about separation from a parent. Many kids are idealistic and dream that their parents will get back together. All of these issues can cause emotional distress, which could leave permanent scars.

Helping Kids Cope

Children are remarkably resilient, but they do need love and support through changes such as a divorce. Parents are sometimes unable to assist their children on their own, because they themselves are caught up in the trauma of the divorce. Children would sometimes prefer to talk to someone else about their situation, because they don’t want to burden their parents with any more stress or they want to ensure what they say won’t offend one or both parents. For these reasons, a therapist is often an ideal choice for assistance during this time.

Family Sessions

Counseling may be done individually or as a family. In families with young children, the counselor will use special methods to assist them in understanding their emotions. For example, coloring, role playing, or using dolls are just a few of the ways that therapists help kids work through their feelings. The therapist will help evaluate the child’s progress and will determine how many sessions are needed. Children who have been helped through a divorce with counseling are often better adjusted and have a healthy outlook on relationships.

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