Playgrounds are supposed to be safe places where our children can enjoy themselves without fearing injury. Sometimes, however, injuries can occur at playgrounds. In fact, about 200,000 children are injured on playgrounds every year in the United States. When playground injuries happen they can be terrifying for both the children and their parents. Usually, injuries are minor, such as scraped knees. Sometimes, however, a playground accident can cause serious harm.

Types of Playground Injuries

Playground injuries may include scrapes and cuts, sprains, broken bones, and head and back injuries. Major injuries require immediate medical attention. If a child hits his head, the injury could be a concussion and should be examined quickly. If an injury happens, the parents should report it to the owners or operators of the playground. See if any other people witnessed the accident, since this could become important later if a legal claim is necessary.

Defective Playground Equipment

Some playground equipment has manufacturer defects. These may not be immediately known and in some instances the defects only occur after a period of use. Owners of playground equipment should review their equipment list regularly to learn of any possible recalls or defects that have been found. The manufacturer may provide a resolution to the problem, which must be done in order to ensure continued playground safety.

Equipment Installed Improperly

It is possible that the equipment itself is not to blame for the injuries, but instead, it may have been improperly installed. One of the most common problems in playgrounds is using the incorrect type of mulch. Special playground mulch is often made of rubber so that it better handles the impact of falls.  The use of improper materials can cause injuries to children who fall or jump on the playground.

Poorly Maintained Equipment

Communities, schools, and others who own playground equipment are responsible for properly maintaining it. Playground equipment is exposed to the weather and can deteriorate over time. The equipment should be inspected on a regular basis and repairs made when needed. The playground owners or maintenance companies may be liable for injuries caused to children because of the failure to properly maintain the equipment.

When Injuries Occur

Minor injuries at playgrounds are likely to occur through no fault of the playground owners. However, when the injury is due to equipment malfunction, incorrectly installed equipment, or items that were not maintained properly, the owners or manufacturers may be at fault. Contact a personal injury attorney to review your case and determine the best way to achieve justice.

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