Immigration wait times are still rising. The immigration process is complex and lengthy. Once the proper paperwork and documentation is submitted, the USCIS, United States, Citizenship and Immigration Services, must review and approve the visa request. It is important to know that the process is a long one, and immigration wait times are still rising.  The length of time it takes to process immigration paperwork is currently estimated at approximately 665 days, up from last year’s average of 643 days. These estimates are nationwide. The length of time the process takes varies from state to state.

Providing Paperwork

It is extremely important to provide the proper paperwork when submitting your visa application. Failure to include the correct forms and proof could cause a further delay. In many cases, if the application does not include the necessary information, it will be denied. Then, the process will have to begin again, with the submission of a new application and fee payment. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to seek guidance from a knowledgeable immigration attorney before you begin the process.

Filling Out the Application

It is essential that you understand the types of visas that are available. Filling out or submitting an application for the incorrect type of visa, or for a visa for which you do not qualify, will create a delay in the process. In most situations, your application will need to go through the first approval process where it will be found to be incorrect. Getting this information back from the USCIS could take weeks or months, only to find out that you need to resubmit.

Be Prepared for Your Interview

Although the process is a lengthy one, there are some steps you can take in the meantime to prepare for the rest of the procedure. An interview will typically need to be completed after the initial approval of your visa. This is done in person, at an immigration office near your location. Prepare for the interview by gathering information that you will need, such as documents that prove your birth or identity, data regarding your marriage, and documentation from your employer. You may also be required to get a medical exam.

Speak with a Qualified Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is one of the most complex areas of the law. In addition, immigrants may have trouble translating the documents and understanding the submission process. The laws regarding immigration change quite often, so it is important to stay up to date on the most recent legislation. It is almost always advisable to talk to an immigration attorney to discuss your situation. Your lawyer will help guide you through the process and make sure that you are following the proper steps to achieve your visa.

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