Motorized Toys for Children Can Be Dangerous

Toys are becoming more technologically advanced and some motorized toys for children can be dangerous.  From riding toys like hoverboards to flying toys like drones, playthings have gotten a lot more sophisticated and dangerous. Parents should provide supervision when kids play with these types of toys but even with supervision, sometimes children may be hurt by toys.

Warnings on Toys

Toys that have any dangers are required to come with warnings. The warning should include any hazards that are known to be possible. Some toys are designed for children of specific ages. When toys contain small parts, younger children may put them in their mouths and this could be a choking hazard. Motorized toys are typically created for the use of older children. However, some remote controlled toys are made for younger kids as well as older ones.

Fire Hazards

Motorized toys may contain rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable units have been known to catch fire. Some of the fires caused by hoverboards, for example, have caused severe damage to homes. When the units catch on fire, they can pose a danger to the child using the board. This could cause burns, which may require extensive medical treatment. The manufacturers of dangerous toys may be liable for Injuries and property damage caused by their use.

Preventing Injuries

Parents need to be careful when choosing motorized toys for their children. Always purchase toys that have UL approval.  This means that the toy passed electrical safety tests. Some toys that are made outside of the United States may not be properly tested or approved. Check the toy regularly to make sure that it functions properly. Excessive heat during charging could be a sign of a potential problem.

What to Do If You Were Injured

If your child was hurt because of a toy that malfunctioned or was defective, you may be entitled to collect damages. Serious injuries often necessitate expensive medical care and rehabilitation. These costs can be astronomical in some instances. Additionally, the injury could cause a lifelong disability. An experienced personal injury attorney will review your case to determine your options. In some cases, negotiation with the responsible party will result in an adequate settlement. Other times, the matter may need to proceed to court. Your lawyer will take care of all the details of your case to achieve a successful result.

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