What is Distracted Walking?

Everyone has probably heard of distracted driving, but not everyone knows about another potentially dangerous situation – distracted walking. Walking while distracted can cause accidents and injuries. There are many reasons for distracted walking. One of the main causes is the use of smartphones. Smartphones may actually be a contributing factor in an increase in pedestrian accidents across the country. Playing games, listening to music and texting are all reasons for distracted walking.

Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians are on the rise. This may be due, in part, to an increase in distracted walking. Pedestrian accidents often occur in intersections or crosswalks, where pedestrians should have the right-of-way. These accidents may be avoided when both drivers and pedestrians pay better attention to their surroundings. People who are walking near traffic need to be careful to keep from getting in the way of traffic.

Injuries to Pedestrians

Pedestrians can be injured in various ways while walking. They may trip and fall, or may bump into something or fall off a curb. More common, however, are injuries when pedestrians are hit by vehicles. People may suffer injuries including minor scrapes and bruises, broken bones, neck and back injuries, and head trauma. In some instances the injuries could cause permanent disability or death. After an accident happens, it is necessary to determine both liability and negligence.

Liability in Pedestrian Accidents

The accident needs to be assessed to find out how it occurred so that the responsible party can be determined. In many cases, the driver may be liable because he should have been driving more carefully. Arizona law typically protects pedestrians. These situations can be complex and require help from a qualified personal injury attorney. Those hurt in accidents while walking may be entitled to compensation to cover their medical expenses and other damages, which could be very expensive. Your lawyer will work to resolve your case through negotiation with the insurance company or by representing you in court to get you the money you deserve.

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