Temporary Orders Are Put In Place Until More Permanent Decisions Are Made

Couples who decide to divorce are probably facing many different issues that must be resolved. Some divorces are amicable, but many are not. When couples are engaging in a particularly difficult divorce they may need to seek help from Arizona courts. Temporary orders are meant to assist couples in dealing with some of the main issues in a divorce such as child custody (now known as legal decision-making), child support, visitation (now known as parenting time), spousal maintenance, payment of bills, and other important matters. Temporary orders can be put into place until the divorce is completed.

Relevant Issues

Some of these important matters involved in a divorce include:

  • Asset Distribution
  • Debt Assignment
  • Legal Decision-Making Authority
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Parenting Time and Support

In Arizona, assets and property that were acquired during the marriage are considered community property. Community property belongs to both parties and therefore must be distributed in a fair and equitable manner in a divorce. Temporary orders will protect spouses by putting orders in place that address some of the major issues.  Temporary Orders can also address issues of payment of bills and who can live in a marital residence while the case is pending. Most often, temporary orders require payment of child support and guidelines for parenting time.

Preliminary Injunction

A preliminary injunction is an order that is put in place at the start of divorce proceedings. The order requires both parties to adhere to certain rules while the divorce is in progress. For example, neither party is allowed to sell community property, harass the other person, or take minor children out of the state without the other party’s consent or court permission. In cases where one spouse has committed domestic violence, an order of protection may also be necessary. An order of protection requires one party to stay away from the other and to have no contact whatsoever or very limited contact.

Difficult Divorces

Many times couples run into issues that they cannot easily resolve during a divorce. Temporary orders and preliminary injunctions are good options to shield couples from harm while they work through their divorce. A qualified divorce attorney will be a great help during the initial stages of the process. If any special orders are needed, your attorney will do what is necessary to get them. Then, your lawyer will guide you through the process and give you information so that you can make intelligent choices that will benefit your family now and in the future. When you have made the decision to dissolve your marriage, call the accomplished attorneys at Udall Shumway to schedule a consultation.`


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