What is the client role during a business lawsuit? Business dealings do not always go as expected. When a dispute arises, a business lawsuit may be the only way to resolve it. An experienced business attorney will represent you throughout the process and assist you in achieving a successful result. However, the attorney cannot bring about results without your help. The client must play a role in helping the attorney litigate the care.

Attorney’s Role

The attorney plays a significant role in the litigation of a business lawsuit. The attorney will spearhead the entire case, which will include gathering information, taking part in the discovery and deposition processes, and preparing for trial. Many business lawsuits are resolved through a settlement prior to trial. This may be possible with a skilled attorney. A settlement may allow for the case to be ended more quickly and with a favorable outcome to both parties. However, your attorney must be able to prepare for trial and have the expertise to litigate the case in court.

Client’s Role

While the attorney drives the case forward by utilizing all of his legal skills, the client must be available to provide assistance as required. The client is the one who must ultimately make decisions in the case, based on advice and recommendations from your lawyer.

  • Provide truthful information
  • Supply data and information when requested
  • Is available to answer questions and meet with the attorney
  • Is cooperative
  • Makes payment of legal bills
  • Attends court proceedings when necessary

The client must initially provide the attorney with information and must be truthful with the lawyer throughout the case. Your attorney will need a large assortment of documents and data that will support your litigation. As the client, you must be available to answer questions and  meet with your lawyer when needed.

Contract Agreement

Your attorney will provide you with a contract for legal services. The contract, called a retainer, will protect both you and your attorney and will clearly provide guidelines for work and payment. The retainer generally requires the client to make an initial payment for services. It will be put towards the legal costs of the case. Since every legal case is different, there is no way to know ahead of time how much the case will cost to resolve. Your attorney will provide you with invoices detailing the work done and indicating when another payment is due. It is the client’s responsibility to make timely invoice payments so that the case can progress.

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