Avoid the Top Immigration Mistakes By Consulting with a Qualified Immigration Attorney

Immigration to the United States continues to increase. The USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, provides applications for many various types of immigration and visa status options. Many times, a visa application is held or denied because of missing information or other mistakes made in the immigration process. You can avoid the top immigration mistakes by understanding the procedures with help from a qualified immigration attorney.

Not Choosing the Right Visa

It is important that you choose to apply for the visa that suits your situation. There are many various types of visas so it is necessary to take the time to understand which one is your best option. Applying for a visa requires you to meet the necessary requirements, so you will need to make sure you can supply the appropriate documentation. It is possible that you may qualify for more than one type of visa. If so, apply only for the visa that best suits your needs or qualifications.

Failing to Follow Instructions

Each type of visa has its own set of instructions, which must be properly followed when submitting the application. If an application is not filled out correctly or is missing important information, it will be flagged or held. This will only delay the process or could cause you to have to begin the process again.

Providing Improper Documentation

One of the most common reasons that a visa gets delayed or denied is because of a lack of paperwork. Every type of visa has a unique set of requirements and documentation that is required. If you do not include the necessary documents with your application it will likely be denied. You can often find checklists on the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) website. A checklist provides an inventory of exactly what must be submitted with the application.

How an Immigration Attorney Will Help         

You can successfully submit a visa application with help from an experienced immigration attorney. Your lawyer will ensure that you choose the proper type of visa before submitting your application. He will also assist in giving you a list of the documents and information that is needed in order to prepare for your visa application process. The application process can be rather confusing and complicated, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the procedure. Your attorney will answer your questions and guide you through the process to assist you in  obtaining a visa.


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