Avoid the Three Most Common Mistakes after Being Charged with a Crime. Unfortunately, too many people make a few common mistakes after being accused of a crime. All too often, these mistakes will likely make your case worse, even if you think that cooperating with the authorities might benefit you. Read on to learn more about what these three mistakes are and how you can avoid them. To get specifics regarding questions about your legal rights, consult directly with a criminal defense attorney.

Mesa AZ | Three Most Common Mistakes after Being Charged with a Crime

Allowing Searches That Are Not Mandatory

In some cases, you may be required to comply with a search if the police present you with a warrant. It is important to realize that in some situations, you have the opportunity to decline a search. Many people make the mistake of consenting to a search when they have been pulled over for a traffic violation. If police do not have probable cause to search your vehicle, such as drugs or other contraband in plain sight, you do not need to comply with requests for a search, and you should not.

It can be nerve-racking to be pulled over by police and have an individual request a search; it pays to be knowledgeable about your legal rights and to tread carefully any time you’re interacting with authorities. Allowing a search that is not mandatory could lead to discovery of items or other legal violations. Particularly when it comes to your home, be aware of the potential ramifications of allowing the police inside to search without a warrant. This is one primary reason to communicate with your attorney directly as soon as possible.

Saying Too Much

Remember that police officers are trained to glean as much information from you as possible. They will often present themselves as trying to help you with your case in order to get more details from you. You might believe that speaking to  police without first consulting with your criminal defense attorney is a good way to demonstrate cooperation. Keep in mind that these trained interrogators have a significant education, training, and experience in getting suspects to talk, tactics that can lead you to say or admit things you don’t really mean, or to trip over your own words.

Requesting your attorney immediately when you are being questioned is one key way to avoid this common mistake of saying too much to the authorities. You can read about why this is so important.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

Even if you believe the criminal offense you are facing to be a minor one, or a charge for which you are obviously innocent, you should still always exercise your rights to communicate with your criminal defense attorney. This is to  protect your rights, and to be guided about the next steps in the process. A lawyer can be essential for answering your questions and helping you avoid any further missteps during your interaction with police and other authorities. Remember that you have the right to an attorney and you should use it in any event where you are charged with a serious crime. Don’t hesitate to get legal advice.

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