Here Are Some Helpful Single Parenting Tips

Divorced parents may face a number of difficult situations as they begin to establish their household as a single parent. Single parents often have more stress and less free time than they did when they were married. Newly single parents may be going through some emotional and financial changes that can make parenting harder. There are some useful single parenting tips that will make the transition easier.

Get Help from Your Support System

As much as you may want to try to do it all, it is helpful to have assistance from others. Gather your support system and take some help when you need it. Your support system may include friends, parents, siblings, or others who are willing to spare some time to lend a hand. For example, if you are stuck at work and are suddenly unable to pick your child up from school you may be able to call a friend to provide assistance. It may also be a good idea to work with a counselor, particularly in the early stages of your new routine.

Set Up New Family Routines

Kids are remarkably resilient. Often, they can easily adapt to a new situation but, in general, they thrive on routines. It is best to try to establish new family routines as quickly as possible after the separation and divorce. Set mealtimes that allow you and your children to spend time together while having dinner. Ensure that children adhere to their bedtimes so everyone gets enough sleep to be refreshed.

Streamline Your Daily Activity Schedules

Daily activities can be overwhelming, especially when you have several children. Try not to overload the children’s schedules with too many activities because this adds extra tension to everyone’s week. Instead, subject to the provisions of your parenting plan, think about allowing  each child to enroll in only one sport or after-school activity each semester so that you and the children are better able to cope. Keep meals easy and set aside one or two weeknights when you don’t have to cook.

Reduce Stress with Time for Yourself

Raising children alone can be stressful. Alleviate some of the stress by allowing yourself some time alone to do something for yourself. Whether you spend the afternoon at the spa, go hiking, stop for a drink with friends, or go to a movie, you need to get away from your busy routine. Just a couple of hours a week will do wonders to revive your spirit and will make you a happier and better parent.

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