Parenting Time Schedules Can Help Alleviate Conflict

Parenting after a divorce can be difficult and stressful. Suddenly you need to try to coordinate schedules with your former spouse and juggle activities and events. The best way to handle these issues is by utilizing parenting time schedules which may include new technologies to help organize time and life. Schedules will help keep parents and children organized and prepared to handle their many daily tasks and activities.

Use a Calendar to Track Schedules

Schedules can be tracked using a calendar. The calendar should contain events and activities for all members of the family. Utilize a format that allows you and others to easily view the schedule with a glance rather than having to cross-reference various other documents. Once the calendar is in place your family will get used to using and it will rely on it for making sure they track all of their upcoming events.  You may be interested in tools such as Google Calendar, Our Family Wizard, or others.

Make Rules and Stick to Them

Making changes to the plan without consulting the other person can wreak havoc and may result in problems. Your child could end up standing outside alone because parents had a miscommunication about the pickup schedule. Make sure that you and your former spouse come to an understanding regarding how and when changes can be made to the schedule. Decide how to share and communicate the schedule between those who need to use it.

Take Parenting Time into Consideration

It is important to remember that both parents should spend time with their children. When a child begins to have a hectic schedule filled with lots of activities it can become difficult to ensure parenting time continues as it should. Remember that both parents are allowed to spend time with their children, even those with demanding schedules. Be respectful of the other parent’s time spent with their child. Activities for the children should not be scheduled over the other parent’s parenting time without that parent’s knowledge and consent.

Making Changes to Parenting Time Schedules

Both children and their parents have calendars filled with activities and events that are constantly changing. When changes are needed it is essential to realize that parents need to remain flexible. Changes are going to happen more often than you may like. Create a method for properly communicating changes with your former spouse so that there are no problems. Be mindful of the need for parents to make special arrangements if a modification is needed at the last minute.

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