Dental Mistakes Can Cause Serious Injuries and Health Concerns.

A visit to the dentist should resolve dental problems and pain, but sometimes that isn’t the case. In some instances, a mistake by the dentist could result in more serious injuries and health concerns.  Dental mistakes can arise in a variety of different scenarios.  For example, a dentist may not do a proper work up of a patient before advising a dental plan.  Additionally, improperly-handled infections issues can arise that prolong recovery and symptoms.  Inexperience and lack of training of dentists and dental assistants can also give rise to mistakes or mishaps.   A simple slip-up or mistake in judgment could end up causing the patient severe pain and the need for medical treatment.  It could even cause permanent damage or death.

Improper Procedures

Minor dental work, such as fillings, is usually completed without any problems. However, problems can happen when more extensive dental work is done. Injuries can be caused in a variety of ways ranging from improper infection control to injuries caused by defective instruments.  When a dentist makes a mistake causing the patient pain and injury, it is often considered medical malpractice.  Dentists are required to provide a high standard of care based on their education, experience, and knowledge.

Dental Malpractice Claims

In order to pursue a dental malpractice claim, an expert will be hired to review the case and determine if the treating dentist made a mistake (falling below the standard of care.)  If a mistake was made and an injury is caused that would not have occurred without the mistake, a valid injury claim exists and compensation for dental expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering can be obtained.  Because these cases can be complex and difficult to prove, an early investigation and determination if malpractice occurred is important.

If a dentist causes serious harm to a patient it may be necessary to file a legal claim to get the compensation needed to cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. If you believe you may have a dental malpractice claim, consult with the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your case today.

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