Driving Too Slowly Can Cause Accidents Just As Speeding Can

Many people are aware of the dangers of speeding, but what some don’t realize is that driving too slowly can cause accidents also.  Accidents caused by slow drivers can arise in several different scenarios.  For example, slow freeway driving can caused unexpected traffic slowing that may give rise to rear-end accidents.  Also, slow driving at night can lead to collisions because it may be difficult for other drivers or pedestrians to gauge a vehicle’s speed in the dark.  The reason slow driving can be hazardous is because it is difficult for other drivers to predict the actions of drivers that are out of the normal or expected driving pattern.

Slow Drivers May be Ticketed

Interestingly, in Arizona a driver may be ticketed for driving too slowly.  This can occur in at least two ways.  First, some highways and roadways have minimum speed requirements posted.  A driver that violates the minimum speed restrictions on a particular roadway or in a particular lane of traffic can be ticketed.  Second, a slow driver can also be found to violate A.R.S. §28-701(a), which requires all drivers to operate their vehicles at a speed that is “reasonable and prudent under the circumstances.”

Liability of Slow Drivers

Slow drivers can be found responsible or liable for accidents and injuries caused by their driving.  In Arizona, an injured person can bring a claim against any person or corporation that fails to act reasonably under the circumstances.  Thus, if slow driving is unreasonable under the circumstances, it can provide a legal basis to bring an injury claim.  This is true whether the slow driver is cited by law enforcement or not.

Drivers who are traveling too slowly on roadways can cause rear-end collisions. The driver who is going too slowly could be seriously injured as well as other drivers involved. Other vehicles may swerve to keep from running into you and you could be the cause of a crash between other cars. If you are the victim of an accident caused by a slow driver, call the skilled lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC for a free consultation.

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