Can Parenting Coordinators Help Resolve Disputes?

Going through a divorce is not easy but it can be even more difficult when children are involved. Parents may disagree about many terms of the divorce but none are as important to the family as decisions regarding the kids. While parents are encouraged to try to come to an agreement about the issues that impact children, this is not always possible. Parenting Coordinators help resolve disputes when spouses are having trouble resolving their differences.

The Role of the Parenting Coordinator

A Parenting Coordinator acts in a professional capacity as a source for resolution of highly contentious parenting issues. The Parenting Coordinator may be a trained psychologist or attorney with expertise resolving difficult disputes. The Court will recognize trained professionals and will include them on the court’s roster for such services. The Parenting Coordinator may be appointed by the court upon the request of the parents in cases where they are unable to agree about the important matters concerning the children either before a divorce is final, or after a parenting plan is already entered but parents continue to have conflict.

How the Parenting Coordinator is Chosen

As of 2016, both parents must agree that a Parenting Coordinator should be appointed before the Court may actually appoint one. The Parenting Coordinator must meet the specific requirements of the court. The coordinator can be an attorney but cannot be either party’s divorce lawyer. Coordinators specialize in providing assistance and may be located through a recommendation or through the court. The Parenting Coordinator will be involved in the case for a term of one year and can only be extended with proper approval.

Functions of the Parenting Coordinator

The Parenting Coordinator provides a number of important functions during or after the divorce process. The Coordinator primarily helps parents address difficult issues to come to a satisfactory resolution that both parties approve. Because of their wide range of training and experience, they are able to get to the root of even the deepest problems and assist parents in resolving their differences to facilitate a compromise that works best for the children.

How the Parenting Coordinator’s Report is Utilized

After a thorough evaluation, the Parenting Coordinator will provide a report to the court. The report contains the information gathered by the Coordinator as well as his or her decisions in the case on any issues that the parties couldn’t resolve. The report is sent to the court for review and will become a final order of the Court.

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