Vehicle Inspections Can Save Lives

Mechanical failure is to blame in many vehicle accidents, especially those involving large trucks. Many of these accidents can be prevented if regular care and maintenance is completed. Likewise, vehicle inspections can save lives by preventing serious crashes before they happen. All drivers should be responsible for ensuring the safety of their car or truck before they drive.

Yearly Vehicle Inspections Are Necessary

Although they are not mandatory, yearly vehicle mechanical inspections can be helpful to promote safety. All parts of your car should be checked including the engine, exhaust, electrical, belts and hoses, filters and fluids, brakes, lights, steering and suspension, transmission, emission, and fuel systems. The vehicle should also be inspected for corrosion or rust that could cause problems.

Truck Inspections Must Be Completed

Large commercial trucks are required to undergo regular maintenance and inspection. Truck tire blowouts are quite common and could cause a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle. Trucks must also be checked to make sure that they are able to carry the proper weight load. Failure to get inspections or falsifying inspection results could mean that unsafe trucks are on the road.

Report Unsafe Vehicles and Trucks

If you see an unsafe truck on the road, you should report it to authorities. A truck that has a load that is not adequately secured or is driving without tail lights, or driving erratically could cause a serious crash. Protect yourself by moving away from the vehicle and call police so that others will be protected from injury. Truck accidents often cause severe damage and injuries or death.

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