Here are Some School Zone Driving Tips

School is in session and that means drivers need to be careful when driving near schools. Children are not always aware of the presence of vehicles and may walk or run into the street without looking. Crosswalks are designed to prevent injuries by providing a safe place to get across the street. Schools often have crossing guards to help keep kids safe. Even so, drivers must be extremely aware of children and should follow some basic school zone driving tips.

Understanding Arizona School Zone Laws

In Arizona, school zones are located near all primary schools. The speed limit in these zones is 15 mph on school days when school is in session. The speed limit is strictly enforced and penalties for violation are steep. Vehicles must stop when people are in the crosswalk and cannot proceed until the crosswalk is completely clear. School zones are considered zero tolerance areas and violators will be ticketed for going any faster than the posted limit.

No Passing Allowed in School Zones

There is no passing allowed in school zones. It is necessary to understand the definition of passing. Failure to obey the law will result in a ticket with a substantial fine. The ticket will also cause you to get points on your driver’s license.

Keeping Children Safe near Schools

Parents, children, and all drivers need to be vigilant in ensuring the safety of children around vehicles. Children must be taught to watch for vehicles and to cross the street only when it is safe to do so.  Local police will assist with the enforcement of school safety zone laws.

Accidents in School Safety Zones

Regardless of the preventative measures taken, accidents may still occur in school zones. If a child is injured the situation can be devastating. The vehicle involved in the accident is required by law to stop. The police will review the accident and take statements from witnesses. In many cases, the driver may be negligent by failing to slow down or pay attention in a school zone. If your child was hurt because of a negligent driver you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Contact the compassionate lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to learn more about how to proceed.

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