Tips on Visa Processing Times and Status Checks

The procedure to obtain a visa can be complex and lengthy. Once you have submitted your visa application you probably wonder about visa processing times and status checks of your request. In general, visa applications are processed in the order in which they were received. However, this applies to each specific type or category of visa. There are many variables that may need to be considered when trying to determine how long the application process will take.

Understand Processing Steps for Visas

There are many different types of visas and each has their own unique set of requirements. Therefore, the processing times will vary accordingly. Before you apply for a visa be sure you understand the necessary processing steps. Many visas require an interview, which will be scheduled after your form has been reviewed. In most cases, you will receive a letter indicating that your visa application has been received and is being processed. If there are any problems, such as missing documents, this could delay the process.

Resolve Problems with Your Visa Application

If your visa application is incomplete or does not include the required documentation it may be denied or sent back. What this means is that you may have to begin the process again by resubmitting the application with the necessary documents. The best way to prevent your application from rejection is by making sure that you provide all the necessary information when you submit your request. There are various types of documents that may need to be included, depending on the category of visa for which you have applied.

Check Status on Your Visa Application

Once your application has been submitted you can check on the status with the USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This can be done online or by telephone. You must have some specific information available in order to confirm the status of your visa. You must know the type of form you submitted, the specific USCIS office that is handling your case, and the date your application was received.

Help with a Visa Application Submission

It is important to note that some types of visas have extended processing times. Additionally, average processing times can change. Check with an experienced immigration attorney to learn more about visa processing and how to reduce the time spent waiting for visa approval. Contact the skilled lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation today.

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