It Is Possible to Secure Financial Sponsorship for Visas

Some types of visas require the need to provide proof of financial support. The USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, must be certain that those who enter the U.S. on visas have the ability to pay for their basic needs while they are here. Financial sponsorship for visas is made through an Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA, Form I-864. The failure to properly complete or submit this form will delay the processing of a visa application.

A Sponsor Must Complete the Form

The applicant must have a sponsor that is able to meet the financial requirements of the immigrant. The sponsor agrees to ensure that financial support is provided to the visa applicant. In many cases the sponsor is a relative. The sponsor is generally the same person who filed the visa petition. In some cases, such as when the petitioner died, a substitute sponsor is allowed to provide the financial affidavit.

Prepare to Fill Out the Financial Sponsorship Form

There are a number of important details that you must have on hand when you fill out the I-864. The applicant must provide his or her employer information, annual income, income of any other family members who will contribute to the immigrant’s needs, and information about any previous sponsorships. You will also be required to list the names and relationships of all family members who live in the household.

Supporting Evidence That Must Be Provided

As part of the application process a financial sponsor needs to provide supporting evidence. This includes documentation including your W-2 and IRS tax information. This data is necessary to prove that your income meets your current needs as well as those of the immigrant.  This data must be provided for all household members who contribute to the family’s income. If a family member’s income is to be considered that member must also complete Form I-864A. This form is called a Contract between Sponsor and Household Member.

Submit Original Documentation and Data

It is best to keep a photocopy of the forms and documentation before submitting it. The paperwork items that you provide as part of the I-864 process must be originals and must be signed in black ink. The process of providing financial sponsorship can be complex. Because of the importance of the form it is helpful to seek guidance from a qualified immigration attorney before submission. Call the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your immigration needs today.

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