Preventing Workplace Violence Should Be a Top Priority

Violence in the workplace is becoming a more common occurrence. Companies need to have policies in place and prepare for emergency situations that may happen. It is essential that you take precautions to keep your employees and customers safe from harm. Putting some simple safety measures in place will go a long way toward preventing workplace violence. When putting policies and procedures in place for preventing workplace violence, it is advisable to have them reviewed by a qualified commercial law attorney.

Types of Workplace Violence

There are several main categories of workplace violence. It is helpful to understand the various ways that violence may occur so you will be prepared for any possible condition. Violent behavior may be initiated by an employee, customer, service worker, friends, relatives, or strangers. It is necessary to consider all of these potential instances of violence in order to put policies in place to prevent them.

Prevention of Workplace Violence

Companies must take precautions to prevent violence from happening in the workplace. Encourage employees to come forward if they think another employee is dangerous. Make sure that there are always enough employees working at any given time.  Install security cameras both inside and outdoors. Utilize a security system and panic alarms if necessary. Do not keep extra cash on the premises. Talk to employees about their concerns before they get out of hand. If an employee has anger issues, refer them to a care program to help them deal with their problems.

Employee Training

Employees need to be properly trained to watch for potential workplace violence and report it. Teach employees not to confront anyone else, but rather to take their concern to a manager. Provide regular updated safety training so that people will be more comfortable in knowing what to do if they observe any potential problems. Keep employees safe by providing locked areas that are not accessible by customers. Provide written policies that include a statement that workplace violence will not be tolerated.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers are responsible for providing a safe work environment. While they can’t be expected to be able to stop every event from occurring, they must be able to show that they took the proper steps necessary to ensure safety. Companies that do not take the time to address potential workplace violence could find that they are more vulnerable to it. Businesses should consult with a knowledgeable commercial law attorney to provide them with assistance in meeting the legal safety requirements for their company.


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