Daycare Safety Concerns Should Be Noted To Avoid Accidents

Parents are concerned about keeping their children safe, especially while they are out of their sight. There are many daycare safety concerns that should be noted and there are ways to prevent the incidence of accidents or injuries. Parents, administrators, and childcare providers must take steps to ensure the safety of children while they are being cared for at all times.

Choose Properly Licensed Daycare Facilities

Daycare facilities in Arizona must be licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Daycare workers must be at least 18 years of age, have a High School diploma or equivalent, and at least 6 months of experience or childhood education training. Additionally, the facility must provide the proper ratio of care providers to children. The number of adults necessary is based on the ages of the children being cared for. Generally, babies and infants require the most care and therefore have the highest ratio.

Observe and Evaluate the Daycare Facility

Parents should spend time observing the regular operation of the daycare facility before signing a contract. The facility should be clean and orderly. The staff must be properly trained and attentive to the needs of the children. Age-appropriate activities should be provided for children while at the facility. Rules must be in place for both staff members and children. Suitable punishments need to be carried out when rules are violated.

Safety and First Aid Policies

Daycare facilities are required to have proper safety procedures in place. The building should have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in place. There must be an evacuation plan that is practiced on a regular basis. The staff members must be trained in CPR and need to know how to handle emergency situations should they occur. Minor cuts and bruises need to be treated and the parents must be notified.

Adequate Supervision Prevents Accidents and Injuries

Daycare facilities need to be adequately staffed to provide enough supervision to prevent accidents and injuries. If playground equipment is utilized it should be maintained and examined on a regular basis to ensure that it is safe. Children must be closely monitored to make sure that they use toys and play equipment properly. If an injury does occur, it must be immediately examined and medical treatment rendered if necessary.

Children can be seriously injured while at a daycare facility. If a severe injury occurs, the parents may need to seek legal assistance to get the money necessary to cover medical and other costs. If your child was injured due to negligence at a daycare center, call Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your situation today.

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