How Safe Are School Buses? Parents and Guardians Want to Know.

School buses are usually safe transportation options for our children. However, there are accidents that occur with buses from time to time. When a school bus accident happens it can cause serious injuries to many children. Parents and others wonder, how safe are school buses?

School Bus Safety Laws in Arizona

There are a number of safety laws in Arizona that are designed to help keep children safe while traveling to and from school and school activities. Other drivers are required to stop for school buses when they are stopped to pick up or drop off students. This is a requirement even on private roadways. Drivers must come to a full stop and may not proceed until the bus driver turns off the flashing lights.

Seat Belts and Other Safety Features

Some people wonder why seat belts are not required in school buses even though they are a legal requirement in regular passenger vehicles. While seat belts are a safety feature they costly and they may not provide as much protection as most people think they do. Compartmentalization, the way buses are designed and built, provides a great deal of protection and support for passengers should an accident happen.

Buses are also fitted with a rear emergency door that is useful for passengers to exit the vehicle after a crash. Bus drivers are required to stop at railroad crossings before proceeding. They must utilize flashing lights and a stop sign when loading or unloading passengers. If children are standing or are unruly the driver should stop until the problem is resolved.

Children and School Bus Safety

Children need to be aware of the potential dangers on and near school buses. Kids must be seated while the bus is moving and should not cause problems that could be a distraction to the bus driver. When exiting the bus children should cross in front of the vehicle and should always stop and look for traffic before proceeding.

School Bus Accidents and Injuries

When accidents involving school buses happen they can cause serious injuries to the passengers. A hard impact may result in head and neck injuries, bruises, and broken bones as children are thrown from their seats. When a child is hurt in a bus accident it may be necessary to take legal action to seek compensation for damages caused by the injuries. If your child was injured as the result of a bus accident, contact the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation.

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