Understanding the Resolution Management Conference and Its Purpose

The divorce process isn’t always a smooth one. Sometimes, couples face some disagreements that cannot be easily resolved. There is a procedure in place for working out serious issues in a divorce. Parties in a divorce need to gain an understanding of the Resolution Management Conference. This is a special meeting intended to resolve problematic areas of dispute during a difficult divorce.

What is the Resolution Management Conference?

The Resolution Management Conference, RMC, is a meeting that takes place between both parties of the divorce, and the judge assigned to the case. In addition, the attorneys of both parties should attend the meeting. The meeting is a preliminary attempt to resolve the matters of the divorce that have been in dispute. The judge will oversee the meeting.

The Purpose of the Resolution Management Conference

Couples are encouraged, throughout the divorce process, to resolve all of their issues. The main settlement terms of the divorce include matters that pertain to child custody and support, asset distribution, debt allocation, and spousal maintenance. When spouses are not able to come to an agreement regarding these issues, the divorce may stall. The RMC is a way to resolve issues before trial by assessing what agreements have been reached and evaluating how various court and third party services (for example, mediation, a Parenting Conference, a vocational evaluation, etc.) might help to reignite settlement discussions.  It is also a hearing to determine if discovery (the exchange of necessary information) is going smoothly or if the Court needs to step in and assist in that process.

Prepare for the Resolution Management Conference

Parties must request a RMC meeting with the court if the Court does not automatically set one (whether it will be automatically set is up to each particular judge’s preferences). You need to prepare for the meeting by completing a resolution statement. Your attorney will review the form and assist you in preparing it, prior to your meeting. Both parties send their completed forms to the judge and the other party.

What to Expect at the RMC

The RMC meeting takes place at the courthouse. You will be advised of the time, date, and location, of the meeting in advance. Both parties must be in attendance. A continuance is granted only in special cases, and  must be requested well  in advance. The RMC may last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. It is essential that you talk with your lawyer about what you want to accomplish at the meeting. If the meeting does not result in a resolution, the divorce will generally be set for  trial.

It is almost always best to try to reach an agreement of divorce settlement terms with your spouse. However, when that is not possible, outside help is necessary. If your divorce is contentious, you need support from an experienced attorney. Call the legal team at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss the details of your case.

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