Failure to Diagnose Can Cause Serious Medical Complications

Doctors are expected to provide us with the care and treatment necessary to help heal our illnesses or injuries. In some cases, doctors fail to provide adequate medical care. Medical mistakes can result in serious injuries to patients. The failure to diagnose can cause serious medical complications. There are various mistakes that may be made by doctors or other medical professionals.

The Misdiagnosis of Medical Conditions

Misdiagnosis may happen more often than people may realize. Doctors must take the time and effort to ensure that a correct diagnosis is made so that proper treatment and medication can be provided. Diagnosis of some conditions can be complex and require a great deal of examinations and tests. If the right tests are not ordered or if they are not evaluated correctly, an improper diagnosis will be made.

Failure to Diagnose in a Timely Manner

Delayed diagnosis can cause a medical condition to worsen because it is not being adequately treated. The result can be severe harm to the patient. For example, if a patient enters the hospital complaining of chest pains, the failure to quickly diagnose the cause will limit the treatment and therefore could result in the condition to worsen. The patient could suffer a heart attack or worse because of the failure to diagnose.

Doctors Are Required To Provide Proper Care

Physicians are required to provide a high standard of care to all patients. Misdiagnosis is a form of negligence or malpractice and is preventable. Hospitals may be understaffed or doctors may not be adequately trained to handle complex medical problems. In such cases, the doctor should seek assistance from other physicians and order additional tests in order to be sure of a diagnosis.

Injuries Caused by the Failure to Diagnose

Many different injuries can occur because a medical condition was not diagnosed. When an illness or injury is not properly treated the condition can worsen. This may result in additional injuries or even death. When a doctor makes a mistake it may be considered negligence because the physician knew that the error could cause serious harm. The resulting injuries may be severe and may require additional treatment, surgery, and care.

Those who were harmed because of a misdiagnosis may be entitled to collect money to cover their medical costs and other expenses. If you were hurt after a doctor failed to properly diagnose your condition, contact the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your case.

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