Complications during Labor and Delivery Can Lead to Permanent Injuries

Most pregnancies progress properly and result in a normal labor and delivery. Sometimes, however, there are complications during labor and delivery that may lead to birth injuries. A birth injury occurs when a doctor or medical professional makes a mistake that harms the infant. There are a number of different complications that may contribute to a serious birth injury.

Types of Complications That May Occur

Various types of problems may happen during labor and delivery. Some of the most common complications include:

  • Perinatal Asphyxia
  • Improper Positioning of the Baby
  • Labor That Does Not Progress
  • Abnormal Heart Rate of Baby
  • Shoulder Dystocia

If a complication is not properly addressed it can result in a serious injury to the infant. If the baby becomes stuck, for instance, the doctor may need to assist the birth process. This assistance could harm the baby if it is not done correctly.

Proper Monitoring During Labor and Delivery

It is necessary to properly monitor both the mother and fetus during labor and delivery. Monitoring is done to ensure that any possible problem is noticed immediately so that proper medical treatment can be rendered. The baby’s heart rate is typically monitored and if the baby is in distress the heart rate will reflect the situation. Immediate care is necessary to prevent a birth injury or even the death of the infant.

Failure to Provide Proper Care

If a problem happens the doctor and medical team must be immediately responsive. Important medical decisions must be made to ensure the health of the baby and mother. For example, if the labor is becoming difficult the doctor should decide whether an emergency c-section is best. A c-section is the surgical removal of the infant and is sometimes needed when the baby is in distress. The failure to provide proper care may be considered medical malpractice if the baby or mother were seriously injured as a result.

What to Do After a Birth Injury Occurs

Parents are devastated if an injury happens to their infant during birth. Birth injuries may range from mild to severe and may even result in a lifelong disability. Medical treatments and ongoing care can be expensive and parents may need to seek legal relief if the injury was due to medical negligence. You may be entitled to compensation to pay for the damages caused by the injury. Contact the compassionate lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to learn more about your case.

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