Here are 6 Tips to Help Children Get through the Holidays

Divorce can take its toll on everyone in the family, especially the children. The first holiday after a separation, or divorce, is often the hardest for everyone. Together, the parents need to create a new set of traditions to help children feel safe and loved. Here are 6 tips to help children get through the holidays.

  1. Stay Focused on the Holiday

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, particularly when a divorce is fresh. While it may be difficult, try to keep the focus away from the turmoil of the situation, and instead, focus on the holiday. Put up decorations, make plans, and keep the mood light.

  1. Create Brand New Family Traditions

Kids can feel sad because they are unsure of how the family split will impact their holiday. Now is the time to create brand new family traditions. For example, set aside one day to bake and decorate holiday cookies together. If you’re not going to be seeing your children on Christmas Day itself, designate a day that you will have them as your special Christmas day to celebrate.

  1. Take A Break From Disagreements

Although parents may be at odds with one another, the holiday season is a time to put aside any arguments to create a fun, and stress-free atmosphere for the family. Allow kids to visit with the other parent’s family and friends without making them feel guilty.

  1. Keep the Children in Mind

Parents who are still nursing the wounds of divorce can forget to celebrate the season. Take some time to make sure that the kids are excited about the approaching holiday. Play holiday music, decorate the house, and create an atmosphere that is fun.

  1. Participate In Activities That Kids Enjoy

Don’t wallow in your own problems. Find some activities that are ideal for your children. For instance, enroll your kids in a class that teaches them to make an ornament, or decoration. Your local park district often holds events that will be of interest to your children.

  1. Gather Around Your Extended Family

Although your family isn’t the same as it used to be, you still have other family members to count on. Arrange parties and gatherings with your extended family members, and with close friends. This will help to create a strong family feeling around the holidays. Remember that your children need to spend time with both of their parents, to celebrate the season.

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