Avoid Home Improvement Scams with These Simple Tips

Home improvement scams are annoying and can also take your hard-earned money. Home improvement scams are most often perpetrated against the elderly because they may be more trusting and less likely to verify the legitimacy of the company. A scam can happen over the phone or in person. It is essential to learn how to avoid home improvement scams.

Protect Yourself from Home Repair Fraud

One of the most common types of scams occurs with door-to-door representatives. The person tells the homeowner that they have a serious problem with their home, such as a roof defect. The homeowner is rushed into signing a contract or paying for work that may never be done. Do not agree to any services until you have had time to review the contract and research the company.

Do Not Allow Representatives to Enter Your Home

Another way that homeowners are scammed is by stealing from their home. The representative enters your home to show you information or takes you into the backyard while another person robs your house. Keep your door locked and do not discuss the details of the home improvement without first setting an appointment. Be sure that you have a family member with you during the meeting.

Do Not Pay In Full

If you do decide to have repairs done, request a contract. Legitimate home improvement companies typically request a small down payment and then utilize payment terms. It is important that you don’t pay the amount due in full before the work is complete. Also, do not pay in cash. Instead, pay with a credit card or check so that you can stop the payment if the work is not properly completed.

Arizona Right to Cancel Law

Arizona has a three-day right to cancel law; however, it applies only in certain circumstances. Telephone solicitations can be canceled within 3 business days and must be made in writing. The Federal Trade Commission, FTC, allows purchasers some rights to cancel a contract made at their home. Check with an attorney to learn the details of the laws and how they may apply to your situation.

What to Do If You Were Scammed

Fraud can occur even when you feel that you have been cautious. If fraud is suspected it is necessary to take action. Report the transaction to the police and to the Better Business Bureau. It may be necessary to seek legal action. Contact the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your case today.

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