Employer Sponsored Visas Have Many Available Options

Immigrants who want to work in the United States may be eligible for employer sponsored visas. These visas are specifically for those who have a specific need to work in the U.S. Employer sponsored visas are most often known as category H visas. In order to obtain this type of visa, you must first have an employer sponsorship.  Employers must be willing to go through a lengthy and sometimes complex process to achieve an approved visa for their new employee.

Types of Employer Sponsored Visas

There are various types of employer sponsored visas. With so many options it is quite possible that you may find an employer willing and ready to sponsor a visa. This is especially true of some companies and industries where finding employees may be difficult.

  • H-1B – Specialty occupations which normally require a college degree.
  • H-1C – Registered nurses in areas where nurses are in short supply.
  • H-2A – Agricultural workers of a temporary nature.
  • H-2B – Any temporary workers in industries where there is a shortage of workers.
  • O-1 – Workers of exceptional skill in business, the arts, science, education, or athletics.
  • O-2 – Support staff for O-1 workers.
  • P-1 – Athletes or entertainers and their support staff members.
  • R-1 – Those working in organized religious organizations.
  • E-3 – Australian workers in a specialty occupation with a college degree.

Check with a knowledgeable immigration attorney to determine whether you are eligible for an employer sponsored visa.

Finding an Employer in the United States

Those who wish to work in the United States need to find an employer to sponsor their visas. Look for companies with experience sponsoring immigrant employees because they already understand the procedure and are willing to take the steps that are needed. Begin your search as early as possible because the process of obtaining an employer sponsored visa takes a long time to complete. Complete the necessary research on potential employers to ensure that the company is a good one.

Working in the United States

There are many opportunities for immigrants in the United States. If you obtain an employer-sponsored visa you will enjoy the many aspects of living and working in the U.S. However, you must always obey the rules of your visa. Employer sponsored visas are only valid while you are employed, and if you overstay your visa you will be subject to possible deportation. If you are considering getting an employer sponsored visa and need help, contact the experienced immigration attorneys at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your situation.


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